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Episode 12: Lovin Kobusingye – Kati Farms Uganda – Fish Processing

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Episode 12: Lovin Kobusingye – Kati Farms Uganda – Fish Processing

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Kati Farms, a fish processing company, emerged from Lovin’s pursuit of fish marketing options while she worked for one of Uganda’s fish farmer cooperatives. When her fish sausage idea proved to be a winner, Lovin invested her savings in Research & Development and left employment. Seven years later, Kati Farms partners with over 1,000 women fish farmers, produces 17 unique fish-based products, exports to 13 African countries and employs a full time staff of 38. Kati Farms is currently negotiating a contract to supply 300,000 metric tonnes of fish products a year to an overseas buyer.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Kati Farms mission to develop and deliver a variety of nutritious fish-based products to the market.
  • Starting with $800 in savings and lots of good will from the fish farmers she used to work for.
  • 1st & only woman owner of a fish processing plant in Uganda, 1st fish sausage manufacturer in Africa.
  • Fish-based product lines – sausages, fillets, burgers and nutritious powders (17 product lines).
  • Plant capacity – ten tonnes of fish-based products a day.
  • Training programs / institutions that have contributed to her success:
    • African Women Entrepreneur Program (AWEP) – Recognizing her potential, exposure that fueled her dreams and the value of focus.
    • International Trade Centre (ITC) – The value of bargaining power.
    • Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) – Research & Development, Incubation.
  • Value of partnerships
    • Katende, Sempebwa & Co. Advocates – pro-bono legal counsel.
    • National Agricultural Research Organization – product development, cost sharing, access to grants.
    • Two investors – South Africa and the United Kingdom.
  • Challenge: Juggling motherhood and running a business.
  • Volunteer work: Chair, Uganda Women Fish Trader and Processors Association; Founder, Uganda Women Fish Network.
  • Her dream for Kati Farms: a Kati Farms product on every dining table in the world.
  • Lesson learned: The ground is level. We are all capable of competing globally. Don’t be afraid to take that step forward.

Useful Resources

African Women Entrepreneur Program (AWEP): https://www.state.gov/p/af/rt/awep/
International Trade Centre: http://www.intracen.org/itc/projects/pactii/access/
National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO): https://www.naro.go.ug/

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