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Job Opportunity:Project Officer-Advocacy,Gender& Trade

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Job Opportunity:Project Officer-Advocacy,Gender& Trade

We are pleased to inform you that the East African Women in Business Platform now invites eligible and qualified individuals to apply for consultancy position of Project Officer-Advocacy, Gender & Trade from the EAC Partners States (Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan ) currently residing in Tanzania.

The  East  African  Business  Council  (EABC)  established  the  East  African  Women  in 
Business Platform (EAWiBP) in 2011. The platform was officially launched in  May 2012 
by the East  African Community (EAC) Secretary General. Drawing its  mandate from the 
Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community,  (and particularly Article 121 
and  122,  and  the  4th  EAC  Development  Strategy  for  2011  to  2016,  which  outline  the 
commitment  of  the  EAC  in  enhancing  women’s  socio-economic  status  and  their  role  in 
business), EABC started the process in  2010. With the support of partners that included 
TradeMark East Africa (TMEA),the  Platform was created to ensure that the concerns of 
East African women in business are effectively addressed, and opportunities presented by 
the East African Community integration processes are maximised.
As  the  pioneer  EAC  regional  platform  for  women  in  business,  EAWiBP  brings  together 
national apex bodies / associations / networks of business women (including associations 
of  women  formal  and  informal  cross-border  traders);  professional  women  associations; 
and regional civil society organizations’ working to promote business women and women’s 
socio-economic  advancement.  EAWiBP  continues  to  link  and  connect  women 
entrepreneurs to markets opportunities, information, skills, capital and technology as well 
as  influence  policy  reforms  towards  a  favorable  business  environment  that  takes  into 
consideration the needs and priorities of business women especially access to resources 
(e.g. finance / credit) and access to opportunities (e.g. information on business / trade / 

investment opportunities).  The Platform’s main two  objectives are:  Increased participation 
of  women  in  intra-regional trade  in  EAC and  Enabling  environment for trade for women 
SMEs in the EAC.
With the support of TradeMark East Africa (TMEA), EAWiBP is implementing a project to
“Enhanced Market Access by Women SMEs in EAC Region” from 2019-2022. 
2.   Overall  Aim / Purpose
The scope  and  focus  of  the  assignment is  to strategically  s u p p o r t  t h e  roll  out  and 
the  implementation  of  TMEA/EAWiBP  project  in  Increasing  in  Trade  value  of  women 
SMEs  in  EAC  intra-regional  trade  through  Advocacy  in  Gender  and  Trade,  supporting 
access to markets for women owned SMEs developing fundraising strategies and effective 
communication of the project to EAC Partner states stakeholders.
3. Terms of References (ToRs)
The  Project  Officer  with  the  guidance  from  the  Regional  coordinator  shall  act  as  the 
technical  lead on all  project  activities.  The activities  will  span from  advocacy for  gender 
and  women  in  trade  issues,  trade  facilitation  and  supporting  the  building  of  EAWIBPs 
institutional  capacity.  The  Project  Officer  support  the  Platform  with  fundraising  and 
communication and ensuring that the  organization  takes advantage of the synergies that 
enhance the effectiveness of the Platform Programmes. 
The position holder will work closely with diverse  stakeholders  to roll-out and implement 
specific  activities  in  the  annual  work  plan  for  the  Platform  in  accordance  to  EAWiBP’s 
contractual  obligations  and  internal  policies  and  procedures  under  EABC.  The  Project 
Officer will ensure quality reports for assigned projects are done on a timely basis meeting 
necessary  standards  and  responding  to  the  integrated  work  plan.  The  Expert  will  work 
closely  with  the  Regional  coordinator  and  any  other  persons  in  the  team  to  mobilise 
resources for EAWiBP.
4. Specifically  the Project Officer will:

-Main Duties include:
a)  Support the Platform in the  implementation of improved policy/regulatory environment for 
women SMEs in the area of Common External Tariff (CET), AfCFTA  and other emerging 
gender/trade issues;
b)  Support in coordination of  various activities aimed at increasing  Access to Government 
Procurement Opportunities (AGPO)  eg  trainings and  engagement  in Advocacy/Dialogue 
on barriers that hinder women access to government procurement opportunities;
c)  Work closely with the Regional Coordinator to prepare for different activities organized; by 
the  Platform  such  as  trainings,  workshops,  dialogues,  meetings  and  conferences.  This 
will  include  managing  regular  communication  with  target  audiences  and  logistical 
d)  Oversee the publishing of the key findings  of EAWIBPs policy engagements such as the 
Situational  Analyses  on  CET  Review,  AfCFTA,  Gender  and  Trade  Issues  affecting 
Women  SMEs  in  EAC  region/trade   barriers  and  any  other  documents  requiring 
e)  Support all activities  aimed at  increasing  access to market and trade related services for 
500  targeted  women  SMEs  and  ensuring  Women  SMEs  are  equipped  with  knowledge 
and skills  to engage in regional trade;  This include  organizing  B2B forums  and  trainings, 
coordinate the twinning of women SMEs, monitoring of the virtual market place;
f)  Support in planning and coordinating of sensitizations workshops/trainings  on   access to 
Government  Procurement  Opportunities,  Market  access,  standards,  business 
governance, branding, packaging among others;
g)  Monitor the profiling of women SMEs across the region;
h)  Lead  in  communicating  the  Platforms  activities  on  social  media  platforms  such  as 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the EAWIBP website; 
i)  Maintain  a  database  of  specific  projects  activities,  budgets,  resources,  partners  and 
reporting  requirements,  and  work  closely  with  the  Regional  Coordinator  to  have  this 
information updated on a monthly and/or quarterly basis;
j)  Work  closely  with  the  relevant  staff  members  to  generate  information  to  continuously 
update the EAWiBP website;
k)  Work closely with the Regional Coordinator  to  preparing reports in line with the project 
requirements and requests;
l)  Work closely with the EAWiBP  team to mobilise  resources for the Platforms  programmes
and other relevant initiatives;
m)  Represent  EAWiBP  in  external  meetings/events  relating  to  the  project  or  as  may  be 
n)  Support  EAWiBP  in  implementation  and  management  of  the  project  to  ensure  timely 
delivery of high quality outputs;
o)  Prepare  timely  narrative  reports  that  align  with  financial  reports  for  on-going  specific 
projects according to EAWiBP’s contractual obligations in collaboration with  the  Regional 
Coordinator and the rest of the EAWiBP team;
p)  Support  the  development  and  maintenance  of  strategic  relationships  with  key 
stakeholders  such as the  EAC,CSOs, Donor  and development  Agencies, African Union 
Institutions and Organs, Governments and progressive Private Sectors; 
q)  Undertake other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
5.   Request f or   Expression  of  Interest
East  African  Women  in  Business  Platform  (EAWiBP),  now  invites  eligible  and
qualified  Individuals  to  indicate  their  interest  in  providing  the  services.  Interested
consultants must  provide  information  indicating  that  they are  qualified  to perform the
services giving a description of similar assignments undertaken.
6. Required  Qualification,  Skills  and  Competencies
The  Consultant is  expected  to have  the  following minimum  qualification  and 
a)  Academic  and  Professional  Experience:  Minimum  of  Bachelor’s  Degree
qualification in any of the following fields, Gender development, Economics, 
Business  Administration,  International  Trade,  Trade  Policy  and  Law  or  any 
other relevant field is required. A Master’s Degree will be an added advantage;
b)  Work Experience:  A minimum of five (5) years’ demonstrable experience on 
gender and trade/regional trade related issues;
c)  Demonstrated knowledge of EAC Integration,  women and trade issues in EAC 
region and the EAC Commomn Market Protocol;
d)  Knowledge  and  experience  in  using  social  media  platforms  and  a  wide
range  of communications tools;
e)  Language:  Fluency  in  oral  and  written  English  is  required.  Good  working 
knowledge of French and Kiswahili will be an advantage;
f)  Additional  Skills:  Excellent  computer  skills;  Microsoft  Word,  Excel, 
Powerpoint among others. Writing, communication and data analysis;
g)  Nationality: The position is open to Tanzanian Nationals as well as Nationals 
of  the  EAC  Partner  States,(  Burundi,  Kenya,  Rwanda,  Uganda  and  South 
Sudan) currently residing in Tanzania;
g)   Capability to deliver with quality and within tight deadlines.
6. Reporting 
The Project Officer shall report to the EAWiBP Regional Coordinator,
7.   Duratio n of   Assignment
The  duration  of  the  assignment  is  estimated  to  be  twenty four  (24)  months  from
the  date  of contract signature with possibility of extension to 36 months.

Interested applicants should send their letter (not more than 2 pages responding to each major requirement), accompanied by resumes with names and addresses of 3 professional referees (of not more than 3 pages including telephone and email).

Applications are by email only, to be sent to:

ngitonga@eabc-online.com and ngitonga@eawibp.org  

Please indicate the reference on the subject as Project Officer-Advocacy, Gender & Trade REF: EAWiBP/EABC/EOI/2019/01. Deadline for submission of application is on 20th August 2019.