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Women In Business and Enterprenureship

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Women In Business and Enterprenureship

Women have been making significant strides in the business and marketing world in the recent years. Despite the numerous challenges they face, women have proven themselves to be just as capable as their male counterparts. If we look at the demographic in Tanzania, we can notice that women have taken more strides to engage in different businesses such as marketing of products and services, selling of farm products, small business in the ‘mama nitilie ` and opening of official businesses, they have also gone to higher strides by coming up with women’s groups to enable better funding for themselves to enhance their businesses.

One of the biggest challenges women face is the difference in pay grade but despite that they have made better strides in the business world therefore the need of such organizations such as the East African Women in Business Platform (EAWiBP) which focuses on increasing effective participation of women in business in the East African Community integration, improved economic contribution of women in business and increased progression of women- owned enterprises in the East African Community from informal to formal.

One of the reasons why so many women have succeeded in many businesses is their ability to communicate to consumers. Women usually have a unique understanding of what appeals to other women. This has led to the rise of female-led marketing campaigns that focus on empowering women and promoting gender equality.

Despite all this progress made there is still much work to be done and therefore the need for such organizations as the EAWiBP which cares to improve and provide opportunities of growth to all women in all of East African region.  

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