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Women Make The World Go Round

Oprah Winfrey
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Women Make The World Go Round

More women are getting into business and are shaking the foundations of a sector that was once purely dominated by men. Here’s a list of some of the richest, most powerful women in the world.


Everybody loves Oprah. With all the free things that she dishes out to her fans every day, it’s kind of hard not to. She’s the founder of Harpo Productions, Oprah Winfrey Network and the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls. Her persistence, dedication and passion have earned her a net worth of USD 3 billion as of 2017.


You may know her as JuJu, Bee or Queen B, Beyonce Knowles is renowned for her music as well as her sensational live performances. With 6 studio albums to her name that have collectively sold millions of copies, she’s doing extremely well for an artist. She created a fashion label in conjunction with her mother called House of Dereon in 2004 and then launched the website shop.beyonce.com that sells branded apparel and merchandise in 2012. Her net worth as of 2017 stands at USD 350 million.


She’s the critical co-founder of a 17-year-old talent management and new media company called LatinWE which pulls in millions of dollars in revenue. In 2013, she released a social networking site that connects Latino talent with fans. The Modern Family star has also been dubbed as ‘the connective tissue between Pepsi and the Hispanic marketplace’. The 45-year-old Colombian beauty queen currently has a net worth of about USD 140 million.


Love HTC? In case you don’t know Cher Wang, she is the co-founder of HTC, establishing it with Peter Chou in 1997. The two have seen the company rise from a manufacturer for other smartphone companies to a powerful Android brand. Wang is a humble philanthropist who likes to stay out of the limelight and spend time with her two children. Her current net worth is a staggering USD 1.1 billion.


You’d think it’s a given that women would get it all when it comes to divorces but that’s not the case with Wu Yajun. She was once the richest woman in China until her divorce earned her husband a cool USD 2.8 billion. That toppled her down to the third richest woman in China and the 22nd richest in the country. Despite all this, her net worth in 2017 stands at USD 7 billion.


According to Forbes, Zhang Xin is the 62nd most powerful woman in the world. She is one of China’s most celebrated female entrepreneurs, with an online following of over 10 million people. Zhan and her husband founded SOHO China, which has developed over 54 million square feet of projects in Beijing and Shanghai. The couple have a collective net worth of USD 3.4 million.

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